Separation Anxiety In Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Approach

Separation anxiety can affect any dog, regardless of breed, but dogs that have experienced lots of change or instability in their early life can be more susceptible to developing this behavioural problem. Separation anxiety can be frustrating for you and your dog, and dogs often communicate their anxiety using destructive behaviour. Here's an overview of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment approach for separation anxiety in dogs: Symptoms Your dog may display the following symptoms if they have separation anxiety:

Supplements You Should Consider As a Newbie Horse Owner

When it comes to owning a horse, its maintenance is vital. This is what ensures that it stays in good health and has a longer life. Maintenance does not simply involve providing a balanced diet and ensuring it has regular veterinary check-ups. You will also have to incorporate the use of supplements to ensure that your horse is getting exactly what it needs to enhance its health. It should be noted that horse supplements are not exclusive to competitive animals, as these supplements can enhance the overall wellbeing of any horse.

Five Tips for Choosing a Dog Kennel for a Guard Dog

If you have a guard dog and you need to board him, you may want to choose your dog kennel carefully. You need a kennel that can take care of his unique needs. Wondering what you should consider? Let these tips help you. 1. Talk with the kennel about your dog. You don't want to just drop off your trained guard dog at any old facility. Instead, you need the right kennel.

Should You Get My Cat Shaved This Summer?

Wearing a heavy fur coat all through a hot Australian summer doesn't sound great to most people. Your cat may be having similar thoughts this summer! Cat owners are often confused about whether their cat needs to be shaved down in winter. Here are some tips about whether you should be shaving your pussy this summer.  Can they get cool by themselves? Cats don't usually pant in the same way that dogs do to get cool.