Why Your Yearly Vet Check-Up Is So Important, Even If Your Pet Looks Healthy

When it comes to most pets, general advice would say that it is smart to take them for a check-up at least once a year. Just like you need to go and see your general practitioner doctor at least once a year, so too does your pet need that same check-up. However, a lot of pet owners find these check-ups a little bit unnecessary, especially if their pet isn't showing any signs of distress. Skipping your yearly vet check-up is not an option that you should consider, and here are a few reasons that underline why.

Pets Can Hide Injuries Or Problems

Your pet does not want to cause any inconvenience to you, or perhaps they simply do not want to appear weak, so a lot of the time, they will try to conceal it from you even if they do have an issue. While it is impossible to hide, for instance, a broken bone or two, it is certainly possible for your pet to hide symptoms of an upset stomach or organ problems, at least for a time. A vet will be able to pick up when your pet is trying to hide something from you and will get to the bottom of these issues.

Too Close To Judge

Many pet owners love their pets more than life itself, and so their judgment on the matter of their health can be a little bit skewed. If you want them to be healthy, and believe that they are, then it can blind you to issues that they are having. Maybe your pet is eating a little less food or is sore in one area. Whatever the case may be, you are prone to accidentally ignoring it just to believe they are as healthy and fit as they were on the day you first got them. A vet will not make that mistake.

Slow Build-Up

Not all medical issues present themselves all at once. Some of them are quite insidious and can lay dormant for many years if not seen by a medical professional. A vet has a much higher chance of discovering these medical issues in their earlier stages than you will, and that gives your pet the best possible chance at overcoming their health problems. It is never nice to think about your beloved pet having medical issues, but by being pragmatic and working on preventative care (such as yearly check-ups) you can give your pet the best chance at a happy life. 

Talk to a vet if you need to schedule a check-up.