Five things you will learn at a puppy behaviour training course

Training a puppy requires time and patience, but you will reap the rewards for the whole of your dog's life. A puppy behaviour training class can be the ideal way to help you to train your pet. Here are some of the things you will learn in the course.

Toilet training

There will always be accidents when you have a new puppy, but it will be eager to learn the rules. A training course will help you to teach your puppy to go outside and not to make messes indoors. Not only does this cut down on pet smells and cleaning, but your puppy will be happier knowing there are particular places it can use as a toilet.


This is one of the most important aspects of a puppy training class. Your puppy will come into contact with other dogs of the same age. It will then learn to play with them rather than be frightened. A puppy that is used to other dogs from a young age is much less likely to react aggressively when it meets them in later life. The same goes for human beings — when your puppy learns that it can trust other people, it will not see them as a threat as it grows up.

Nipping and biting

Nipping and biting is normal behaviour for a puppy — it wants to explore the world and will use its mouth for this purpose. However, this behaviour can become a problem if it continues when the dog becomes an adult. A puppy training course can minimise this behaviour from a young age and ensure that your puppy does not accidentally injure anyone.

Using a lead

Walking on a lead can be confusing to a puppy at first, but it is a vital skill that must be acquired if it is to grow into a well-behaved dog. Puppy classes will show you how to introduce your pet to a lead and teach it to walk properly without jumping ahead or stopping to sniff.


Finally, you will be able to teach your puppy basic commands such as sit, stay and come. It is important that dogs learn these commands at an early age so that you have full control at all times.

A puppy behaviour course is an ideal way of ensuring your pet is well behaved and happy. Just contact a puppy behaviour training class instructor today to take some of the stress out of owning a puppy.