Let the Loving Eyes of Your Pet Make You Smile Every Morning

Are the eyes of your four-legged friend inflamed, red and swollen? You shouldn't assume the puppy is allergic to dust or that something hit their eye. Such symptoms could indicate other serious underlying problems. So you should take your puppy to a veterinarian to know the cause of their troubled eyes and the treatment they should get. Here are signs indicating that all isn't well with your puppy's eyes:

Eyes Are Dull

A puppy with dull eyes is unhealthy, and you need to let the vet identify the cause. Healthy puppy eyes shouldn't only be bright, but they should also have reflections on the surface. However, the reflections are unclear, and the images formed are haphazard or broken up. Corneal ulcers and dry eyes are the main causes of dull eyes in dogs. A puppy with dry eyes won't produce adequate tear fluid, and this causes the surface to dry out. Dogs with dull, dry eyes produce a thick discharge as a protective substance. This leads to scar tissues that lead to impaired vision. The burst blister on the puppy's eye surface shows the puppy has developed a corneal ulcer, which a vet needs to inspect and treat.

Eyes Are Closed

Closed eyes are painful. Can you remember how painful your eyes were when you had grit? The same happens to your puppy. They develop closed eyes when a foreign object gets stuck in the eyes, when something knocks their eyes or when they develop corneal ulcers. Twigs, grass seeds and dust get lodged behind the puppy's eyelids when they are sniffing around. Most veterinarians will put a few drops of anaesthetic into the puppy's eyes to see what's inside the eye and remove the object.

Eyes Are Red

The white section of the puppy's eye should be pristine white with some tiny blood vessels across the surface. A healthy puppy shouldn't have red eyes. Lift the puppy's upper eyelid gently and see if the inner section is rosy pink or livid red. A vet needs to check the eyes of your puppy if they look angrier. Glaucoma, infections and irritations are the major causes of red eyes in many dogs. Glaucoma occurs when pressure accumulates in the eye, causing damaged retina. The problem leads to blindness if you don't contact a vet in good time. Eye reddening also occurs due to conjunctivitis, and most dogs with this problem release a yellow-green discharge in their eyes.

Never undermine any eye problem that your puppy develops, no matter how common it looks. A puppy with swollen or sticky eyes will end up blind if the problem isn't treated. Most veterinarians analyse the symptoms to diagnose the eye problem and know the treatment to offer.