Moving Home With Your Pet

Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, but moving with a pet can make matters even more of a hassle. Here's some advice to make relocating with your furry or feathered friend go more smoothly.

Check local bylaws for your new location

It's important to research thoroughly before you move to make sure that your pet will be welcome there. For example, some areas won't allow cats, because they predate on native wildlife species, such as rare ground-nesting birds. Many apartment complexes won't allow dogs, because their barking can disturb other residents, so you need to check this out before you move.

Veterinary considerations

Before you move, take your pet to the vet clinic and make sure that all vaccinations are up to date. Be sure to order any medication that your pet needs so that you have enough to tide you over until you get settled in.

You should also register your pet with a new vet at your destination town before you move. This will give your existing vet time to forward your pet's records so that you are all set up when you and your pet arrive in your new home.

Update microchip and contact information

If your pet isn't already microchipped, it's a good idea to have him done, just in case he goes AWOL after you arrive in your new home and gets lost. If your pet is already chipped, remember to notify the company of your new home address and contact details, before you go.

If your pet wears a collar, remember to change the tag for your new details and put up-to-date contact information on your pet's moving crate.

Make special arrangements for your pet on moving day

Moving day can be hectic and upsetting for your pet. It's therefore a good idea to arrange for your pet to be cared-for by a friend or pet sitter for the day. It can also be helpful to book your pet into a local boarding facility at the other end of your journey for a day or two so that you can get moved in and settled before your pet arrives.

Flying with pets

If you are relocating out of state and you want to send your pet with you by air, you will need to check that your pet complies with the airline policies and has a pet passport if required. Make arrangements for someone to meet your pet in the baggage reclaim area too, so that he's not left stressing there in his crate, waiting for you to claim him.